COVID-19 guidance and requirements for all members of Vinterbadeklub Aarhus Ø

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is important that all members of Vinterbadeklub Aarhus Ø follow our guidance and requirements. They follow recommendations from the Danish Health Authority, DGI and The Danske Saunaselskab (The Danish Sauna Association).

General requirements:

  • Always stay at home if you have any symptoms
  • Only 50 people are allowed in Havnebadet at a time
  • Keep a 1-metre distance and ask others to be considerate
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering Havnebadet

In the sauna:

Corona passport

It is a demand that you can present a corona passport from:

  • Test: You can use a negative test as docomentation if the test has been performed withing the last 72 hours.
  • Vaccination: You can use vaccination in the corona passport two weeks after you are fully vaccinated.
  • Previous infection: Your positive test must be completed within the last 14-180 days to be valid as documentation. Reference:

As a club we are responsible that everybody meets the requirements and continuous controls will take place. No exceptions are accepted.

If you cannot present a valid corona passport while using the sauna you will be excluded from the club immediately. The exclusion will also concern next season 2021/22.

You will find your corona passport in the app MinSundhed or at

Further guidelines when using the sauna:

  • Shower or go for a dip in the pool before entering the sauna
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering
  • Only 10 people are allowed in each sauna at a time
  • ALWAYS sit on a dry towel
  • Keep at least a 1-metre distance to other members
  • Sit staggered on the benches
  • Be considerate to others when entering and leaving
  • Limit your time in the sauna

At the pool:

  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the pool
  • Show respect to others and keep your distance at the ladder and in the pool

In the changing rooms:

  • Only two people are allowed in the changing rooms at a time
  • Keep a 1-metre distance and ask others to be considerate


Please notice: The board of Vinterbadeklub Aarhus Ø kindly asks all members to show respect and be considerate when using the sauna. If it is needed we will have to limit the time each member may use the sauna when visiting Havnebadet. Therefore we ask for your cooperation and hope to avoid further restrictions.

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